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Create a Post

1. Click Add New under Posts.

2. Input title in upper-most text box.

3. Upload media if desired.

4. Input text into main box.  See Toolbar Tips for detailed instructions.

5. Select from custom fields if desired:*

  • Author > add author name in value box.
  • Linc link > add permanent link in value box.

6. Go to Post Tags.  Choose from most popular, or add new.*

7. Select necessary Categories (make sure “Uncategorized” is not checked).

8. Go to Publish:

  • Click “Publish” button to add post immediately.
  • To back-date or future-date, click “Edit” option (next to Publish Immediately).  Input desired date and click “OK” button.  Click “Schedule” button.

*These functions are primarily used for Good Reads posts.