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Registration Template
  • No Registration: registration isn’t required, or required in person.
  • Registration: individual registration.
  • Only Children: parent information is collected, but is not tallied for an event.
  • Parent & Children: tallies parents as formal registrants for an event.
Registration Status
  • Open: online registration is available (unless registration template is set to “No Registration).
  • Closed: online registration is not available/necessary.
Choose a Calendar

Select appropriate calendar for events.  Non-program events or announcements may be categorized under “General Events” (eg: library closings, food for fines).  These events will appear on the calendar view, but will be absent from any lists.

Maximum Capacity

Input a maximum capacity (0 equals unlimited registration).  If maximum capacity is reached, a notice will appear on the registration page informing people that they have been added to the wait list.  The wait list can be viewed under the “Registered” column on the Events page.