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Add an Event

1. Click Add New under Events.

2. Input title in upper-most text box.

3. Set date and time.  Check “All Day” for entire day events.

4. Upload media if desired.

4. Input text into main box.  Make sure to delete the existing text, “event description goes here.”  See Toolbar Tips for detailed instructions.

5. Go to Publish:

  • Registration Template:  Set registration parameters accordingly.
  • Registration Status:  When maximum capacity is reached, select “close.”
  • Choose a calendar:  Select the calendar on which you’d like your program to appear.  Selecting “Unpublished” allows you to hide an event until you’re ready to publicize the event.
  • Event Location: Input description of where meeting will take place.
  • Maximum Capacity: Input number for maximum registrations.  “0” will allow unlimited registrations.  Registration can continue after maximum is reached, but patrons will be notified they have been added to a wait list.

6. Click “Add Event” button.