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Trivia Thursday – April 9

Hi Everyone!

We hope everyone is staying safe out there. While there won’t be an in-person trivia contest this month we are working on a virtual trivia night for next Tuesday, April 14. We’re still working the details but keep checking our social media accounts in the coming days. We’re also adding some new question formats for this week’s installment (perhaps foreshadowing for our virtual trivia night?).

For the first question the correct answer is that each of these acts had also been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Onto the second question. This list includes actors who have won more than one Academy Award in an acting category. 

For this week’s questions we have two limericks and one visual clue:

1. Though gatherings, we should avoid,
This week the police were annoyed
When a man from New Jersey
Played to a crowd of thirty
The music of rock band ________


2. Summer Worden is now losing face
Over false statements made in a case
Where she claimed that her wife
Caused her terrible strife
By hacking her bank account from ____________


3. What object is depicted in the following close-up image?