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Helpful Websites

Career Center
Look for your next job or find a resume writing workshop.

College Sites
Test prep and help choosing a college.

Computers & Technology
Learn to use a mouse and keyboard, or view tutorials on how to use Microsoft Office.

Consumer Information
Reduce junk mail, get product ratings, and more.

Learn how to go green. Information on recycling, local farmers’ markets, and more.

Want a copy of your great-grandfather’s census record? Start filling out your family tree.




Government information ranging from federal all the way down to local.

Health & Medicine
Health information for you and your family.

Local Links & Voting
Find the latest programs at the Park District, or where to register to vote.

Reader’s Corner
Find your next great read.

Small Business
Find business plans, start-up advice, loan information, and more.

Tax Information
Access to federal and state tax forms, and information about local tax aide sites.