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Small Business Resources


State of Illinois Business Portal
Find information related to starting, running, or changing a business. Links to forms, news, and agency information are also provided.

Illinois Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity
Provides excellent government resources for entrepreneurs and small businesses in Illinois. In particular, their Small Business/Entrepreneurs links offer both information and services for developing businesses.

Offers a guide for accessing government information and services that assist with starting, running, and growing a business.

U.S. Small Business Administration
Provides basic information about starting, financing, and managing your small business. Also addresses topics related to business opportunities and disaster recovery.

Small Business Development Center
An excellent gateway to information on the Internet related to various business topics such as demographics, finance, human resources, business plans, marketing, accounting, small business trends, and more. Services are available at local offices including the office at the College of DuPage.

Women’s Business Center
Offered through the Small Business Administration. Aims to help women start and/or maintain businesses. Offered through the Small Business Administration.

Finance & Tax
Serves as a gateway to government loan information. Supported by federal government agencies who direct businesses towards information that best suits their needs.

IRS’ Small Business & Self-Employed Tax Center
Offers information with respect to business structure, operations, deductions & credits, and bookkeeping.

Statistics & Demographics

Economic Census
Compiled by the United States Census Bureau, the Economic Census profiles American businesses every five years from local to national levels.

Economic Data
Gateway to government and/or commercial sites that provide regional economic data. Arranged by subject and provider.

Offers advice on how to write a business plan as well as manage your business. Contains large collections of sample business plans for points of reference.

Business Owner’s Tool Kit
Step-by-step web guide addressing the numerous aspects and phases of running a small business.


Employment Law Information Network
Provides examples of personnel policies, forms, and contracts.
A web guide dedicated to providing information related to human resources. Addresses issues related to staffing, compensation, benefits, training, and more.

Riley Salary Guide
Gateway to salary and compensation information.

Networks & Advocates

Illinois Chamber of Commerce
Official site of the Illinois Chamber.

Edward Lowe Foundation
Provides expertise for business owners in order to assist them through the second stage process. Specifically targets not-for-profit organizations, however, the website’s Entrepreneur’s Resource Center offers helpful business resources.

National Small Business Association &
Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy
Organizations that advocate for state and federal policies that benefit small businesses. NSBA provides numerous resources that are accessible free of charge.

Nonprofit organization supported by volunteers that offers free, confidential advice and training for small businesses. Mentoring is conducted via email or face-to-face at nationwide chapter offices. Low-cost workshops are also available.


Business Dictionary
Provides definitions for an extensive number of commonly used business terms.
A useful resource for researching business topics.

FindLaw Form & Contracts
A guide to various legal forms available on the Internet. Also, check out the other legal resources available through this site.

Trademark Electronic Application System
Allows individuals to file a trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office over the Internet.