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Health & Medicine

Disclaimer: The websites featured on this guide are intended to provide general information. These websites should not be used as a substitute for seeking medical advice from a registered health practitioner.



Provides access to medical journals, drug information, an illustrated medical encyclopedia, interactive patient tutorials, and latest health news.

Consumer and Patient Health Information Caucus (formerly CAPHIS)
Internet resources compiled by the Medical Library Association. CAPHIC provides links to medical information from reputable sources.
Developed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Links to a health library, consumer guides, and organizations are provided.

Mayo Clinic
Provides expert health information. Research specific health conditions, check what certain symptoms mean, learn about healthy living, and more.

Provides health information on numerous subjects. Offers online supportive community through discussion and message boards.

Doctors & Hospitals

Health Grades
Free search for ratings on hospitals and doctors.

Hospital Link
A directory of hospitals across the United States.


National Institutes of Health
Serves as the primary federal agency that supports medical research.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Offers health information on a wide range of topics. Particularly useful for information on vaccinations and diseases related to travel.

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Get information on HHS programs and services, how to obtain grants and contracts, and details regarding laws and regulations. Health
Learn about various aspects of health and health care from the government.

Prescription & Drug Medicine

Medline Plus Drug Information
Find information on drugs, supplements, and herbal information.

Search for a drug or select one from the alphabetical listing. Each entry offers information about side effects & drug interactions, clinical pharmacology, and more.

Mental Health and Coping

Mental Health America

National Alliance of Mental Illness guide to COVID-19

Stress and Coping from The Center of Disease Control and Prevention

Handling COVID-19 as a family

Call4Calm Service

DuPage County Crisis Services

Your Health

National Women’s Health Resource Center
An independent health information source for women. Develops and distributes up-to-date women’s health information based on medical research and practice.

Men’s Health Network
Fact sheets, A-to-Z health topics, and information on programs and online support communities.

Provides physician-approved health information about children. Separate areas are offered for kids, teens, and parents.

NIH Senior Health
Expert information brought to you by the National Institutes of Health. Alphabetical index for various conditions affecting seniors.

AARP’s Health Section
Find information on health topics related to seniors. For information about prescription drugs & medications, click here.

National Institute on Aging
Research-based information on aging and senior health and well-being. Available in English and Spanish.


American Diabetes Association
Provides information related to diabetes. Search for recipes & nutrition, prevention, research, and more.

Center for Science in the Public Interest
CSPI provides practical, science-based advice to consumers interested in nutrition, food safety, and health, and leads advocacy for a healthier food environment in communities nationwide.

National Cancer Institute
Part of the National Institutes of Health. Search for information about cancer topics.

National Center for Health Statistics
Find data and statistics related to public health.

National Institute of Mental Health
A division of the National Institute of Health. Search for information about mental health topics.

The Nutrition Source
Maintained by Harvard University’s School of Public Health. Offers information about healthy eating for adults.

Tox Town
From the National Library of Medicine. Provides information on the health risks associated with your environment, whether in your home or your neighborhood at large.