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Search Tips

Easy Search

When you open up the library catalog, enter your search terms into the text box.  Then click on the most suitable search tab for your entry.  For example, say you’re looking for Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck.  Type “Grapes of Wrath” into the text box and then click on the tab for “Title.”  Or maybe you’re looking for a number of books by John Grisham?  In that case, type in “John Grisham” and click on the tab for “Author.”


It’s actually possible to find too much information sometimes.  That’s when our catalog’s limiting options come in handy.  You can limit according to reading level, format, and library.  So let’s say you were interested only Itasca’s copy of Grapes of Wrath.  In that case, you would select “Itasca” from the drop-down menu of libraries.  Or if you’re looking for the audio version of the book?  Then make sure to select “sound recording” for your format.