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Mission Statement

The Itasca Archives exists to collect, preserve, and make available for research materials reflecting the history of Itasca, Illinois and its residents.


The Itasca Archives seeks to preserve the rich history of Itasca, Illinois, from its founding in the mid-19th century by Elijah J. Smith to present day.
The Itasca Archives is under the direction and care of the Itasca Community Library. Documents and other small items are housed at the Itasca Community Library and larger, three-dimensional items are housed at the Itasca Depot, which is under the supervision of the Itasca Park District.


In Fall 2009, the Itasca Historical Society archive was moved from the Itasca Train Depot Museum to the Itasca Community Library. The archive remains in the ownership of the Itasca Historical Society, but will be maintained at the library.

The archive contains historical documents dating back to the 19th century. It consists of books, documents, ephemera, photographs, and audiovisual records. Records cover materials created by, and pertaining to, the Village of Itasca, local businesses, Itasca organizations, and local residents.

Voices of a Village

Residents can engage in meaningful conversation with a family member, friend, or loved one and preserve an audio recording of memories for years to come. Visit to hear clips from the interviews.


If you have additional information regarding the images in the archive, or if you would like to donate items in your possession to the archive, please contact

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