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da vinci code playaway A playaway is a self-playing digital audio book that comes pre-loaded on a small storage device. Each playaway between 6 to 24 hours of play time. The device comes equipped with a battery and for longer reads an extra battery is provided.  Due to issues of hygiene, we do not provide headphones; you must supply your own.

Check our catalog to see what titles we own by doing a keyword or subject search for Playaway.  You can also go directly to our titles by clicking on Quicklist-Adult or Quicklist-Youth.

How to Play

playaway Plug earphones into universal headphone jack.
playaway Press Playaway button to turn on.
playaway Press Playaway button again to start playing.
For complete user instructions, you can download the PDF guide.

Changing the Battery

Each playaway comes pre-loaded with a standard AAA battery that should allow for a full 12 hours of uninterrupted playtime. In addition a spare AAA battery is included with each player.

To determine how much battery life is left in the unit, look at the playaway LCD screen which has a small battery icon on it. There are four levels of battery life reflected in the icon. When one bar is left in the battery icon, you have 20% power left.

To change the battery, locate the battery cover at the wide base of the player. Find the slot in the middle of the base and use your thumb or small tool, to carefully lift up and unsnap the plastic battery cover. Remove the old battery and replace with a fully charged battery. Snap the cover back into place and continue listening.  The drained battery must be returned with the Playaway.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How big is a Playaway and how much content can it hold?
    The Playaway is about half the size of a deck of cards and holds content up to 80 hours of play time.
  • What do I do if the Playaway locks up?
    Like any good storyteller, sometimes the Playaway just needs a moment to catch its breath. First, turn it on and off.  If that doesn’t solve the problem, remove and reinsert the battery.
  • How does Playaway compare to audio on cassette or CD?
    Playaway is more convenient and easier to enjoy than juggling multiple CDs, cassettes or a separate player.  Playaway also offers various enhanced digital features, including the ability to control the speed of the narrator’s voice and digitally bookmark up to 50 favorite spots.