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Diversity Resources

A Note from Our Director:

Public libraries serve as a community anchor for democracy, access to information, intellectual freedom, and equality. Itasca Community Library prides itself on providing opportunities in education, lifelong learning, and recreation in a welcoming and friendly environment that is accessible to any individual. The library stands united with those who support diversity, equality, and inclusion. The library will play a role in continuing the conversation on equality and diversity by maintaining a diverse and inclusive collection, providing resources, and offering programming that addresses these important topics. Itasca Community Library will always be an anchor that builds an inclusive community through information, lifelong learning, and shared partnerships.

Disability and Illness

Physical Disabilities and Chronic Illness

Books for children, teens, and adults about the disability and chronic illness experience, as well as documentaries and educational organizations.

Immigrants and Refugees

Modern Immigrants and Refugees

Books for children, teens, and adults about the modern immigrant and refugee experiences, as well as a list of organizations dedicated to advocacy for immigrants and refugees.

Racial Equality

General Anti-Racism Resources

Here are some websites to get you started on the conversation of race and anti-racism:

Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders

Asian Americans have faced discrimination in the United States for centuries, and the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a significant increase in racially based violence against Asians. Learn more about Asian and Pacific Island cultures with the books and resources in this list.

Black Americans

A curated list of book for all ages, as well as movies, podcasts, and organizations about historic and systemic racism against Black people.

Indigenous Peoples

Indigenous Peoples throughout the world have faced the systematic erasure of their race and cultures. This resource list compiles books, podcasts, movies, and online resources to help you learn about Indigenous culture and history.

Sexual Orientation and Gender Spectrum

LGBTQIA+ Resources

Children’s and Middle Grade fiction and nonfiction, Teen and Adult nonfiction, movies and organizations dedicated to sexual orientation and gender identity.