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Recommended Reading for Teen Mystery & Suspense

Acceleration by Graham McNamee
After finding the journal of a psychopath, Duncan tries to figure out the journal writer’s identity so that he can stop him before he kills.

Bonechiller by Graham McNamee
Four high school students face off against a soul-stealing beast that has been making young people disappear from their small Canadian town for centuries.

The Boy in the Burning House by Tim Wynne-Jones
Trying to solve the mystery of his father’s disappearance from their rural Canadian community, 14-year-old Jim gets help from the disturbed Ruth Rose, who suspects her stepfather, a local pastor.

The Compound by S. A. Bodeen
After he has spent 6 years in a vast underground compound built by his wealthy father to protect them from a nuclear holocaust, Eli discovers that his father*s explanations and motives may not be what they seem.

Diamonds in the Shadow by Caroline B. Cooney
The Finches, a Connecticut family, sponsor an African refugee family of four, all of whom have been scarred by the horrors of civil war, and who inadvertently put their benefactors in harm’s way.
**Be sure to also check out other great mystery and suspense books by Caroline B. Cooney.**

Down the Rabbit Hole: An Echo Falls Mystery by Peter Abrahams
Like her idol Sherlock Holmes, Ingrid Levin-Hill uses her intellect to try to solve a murder case in her home town of Echo Falls.  If you like this one, you’ll also enjoy the other Echo Falls Mystery books in the series.

The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman
Nobody Owens is a normal boy, except that he has been raised by ghosts and other denizens of the graveyard.

I Know What You Did Last Summer by Lois Duncan
Four teenagers who have desperately tried to conceal their responsibility for a hit-and-run accident are pursued by a mystery figure seeking revenge.

Lake of Secrets by Lael Littke
Having arrived in her mother’s home town to try to find her long-missing brother, who disappeared three years before she was born, teenager Carlene finds herself haunted by memories from a past life.

Missing by Catherine MacPhail
Shortly after her runaway brother is declared dead, Maxine starts receiving phone calls from someone claiming to be her brother.

Mr. Was by Pete Hautman
After his dying grandfather tries to strangle him, Jack Lund discovers a door that leads him fifty years into the past and involves him in events that determine his own future.

The Postcard by Tony Abbott
While in St. Petersburg, Florida, to help clean out his recently-deceased granmother’s house, Jason finds an old postcard which leads him on an adventure that blends figures from an old, unfinished detective story with his family’s past.

The Red Blazer Girls by Michael Beil
Catholic-schooled seventh-graders Sophie, Margaret, Rebecca, and Leigh Ann help an elderly neighbor solve a puzzle her father left for her estranged daughter twenty years ago.

Skeleton Creek by Patrick Carmen
Following an eerie accident, teenaged Ryan investigates the strange occurrences in his hometown of Skeleton Creek, recording his findings in a journal and viewing email video clips sent by fellow detective Sarah.

Stormcatchers by Tim Bowler
Filled with guilt over his younger sister’s kidnapping, Fin tries to rescue her and in the process learns about a dark family secret.

What Happened to Cass McBride? by Gail Giles
After his younger brother commits suicide, Kyle Kirby decides to exact revenge on the person he holds responsible.

Zach’s Lie by Roland Smith
While Jack is trying to adjust to his family’s sudden move to Nevada as participants in the national Witness Security Program, the drug cartel against which his father is supposed to testify is determined to track them down.      *Also check out the sequel: Jack’s Run