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Parent’s Page

The Itasca Community Library offers a variety of materials to help parents deal with the many issues and concerns facing them as they are raising their children. Parenting books may be found in the Youth Department’s Parent/Teacher Collection and in the 649 call number area of the Adult Department’s Non-fiction section.

Parenting Web Sites

Baby Names
This site includes a database of over 4200 names and provides general parenting information.

Chicago Parent
Chicago Parent is an award-winning parenting news magazine for Chicago-area families

Child and Family Connections
Child and Family Connections is part of a statewide system responsible for ensuring that all referrals of children under the age of three to the Early Intervention Services System receive a timely response.

Dr. Spock
This site includes the latest child health, behavior, and nutrition information, plus a wide selection of expert advice from pediatricians.

Family Education
This site offers information dealing with the health, development, discipline, and schooling of children ages 0 – 18.

Family Fun
This site offers craft, party, food, and travel ideas for the whole family to enjoy.

For Parents and Caregivers (from ALA)
This site offers links to general parenting information, homeschooling resources, and children’s literature sites.

The National Parenting Center
This site is dedicated to providing parents with comprehensive and responsible guidance from the world’s leading parent advocacy organization.

Positive Parenting
Positive Parenting is dedicated to providing resources and information to help make parenting more rewarding, effective, and fun.