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Kid Reads

Absolutely Almost by Lisa Graff

Albie has always been an almost. He’s almost good at tetherball. He’s almost smart enough to pass his spelling test. He almost makes his parents proud. And now that Albie is starting a brand new school for fifth grade, he’s never felt more certain that almost simply isn’t good enough.

The Chicken Squad by Doreen Cronin

They’re darling. They’re daring. They know their shapes! They’re chicks on a mission and on their first (mis)adventure, the Chicken Squad launches a galactic backyard expedition.

Mountain Dog by Margarita Engle

When Tony’s mother goes to jail, he is sent to Sierra Nevada to stay with a great uncle he has never even met. For Tony, it is a daunting move…

Bookmarks Are People Too! by Henry Winkler

Hoping to land the lead in the class play, Hank freezes during his audition and is only able to buzz like a fly, inspiring his teacher to create a special role for him as a silent bookmark that saves the show.