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Ballet Picture Books

Dancing in the Wings by Debbie Allen
Sassy tries out for a summer dance festival in Washington, D.C., despite the other girls’ taunts that she is much too tall.

Ballerino Nate by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley
After seeing a ballet performance, Nate decides he wants to learn ballet but he has doubts when his brother tells him that only girls can be ballerinas.

I Am a Ballerina by Valerie Coulman
Young Molly tells her story of her dream to fly through the air like a real dancer, from her first shaky lessons to her dazzling Christmas recital.

Josephine Wants to Dance by Jackie French
Despite the discouragement of her little brother, Josephine proves that kangaroos can become dancers when she fills in for an injured prima ballerina.

Little Ballet Star by Adele Geras
Tilly is thrilled when she gets to see her aunt perform in the ballet, “The Sleeping Beauty,” especially when she gets to go backstage and on the stage itself.

Ballet Bunnies by Joan Goodman
These bunnies don ballet clothes and slippers to introduce basic ballet positions and terminology.

The Only Boy in Ballet Class by Denise Gruska
Tucker loves ballet, but is constantly teased by football players his age.  However, they see him in a whole new light when circumstances place him in a position to help them win the football championship.

Angelina Ballerina by Katharine Holabird
A pretty little mouse wants to become a ballerina more than anything else in the world.  Read all the Angelina Ballerina books in the series!

On Your Toes: A Ballet ABC by Rachel Isadora
Each letter of the alphabet is represented by an illustration of a ballet-related word.

Miss Lina’s Ballerinas by Grace Maccarone
Miss Lina has a solution when her eight students, who always dance in pairs, are distraught when a ninth girl joins the ballet class.

Miss Tutu’s Star by Leslea Newman
Young Selena begins to study ballet and, after years of practice and encouragement from Miss Tutu, finally makes her stage debut.

Dolores on Her Toes by Barbara Samuels
When her cat disappears just before Tutu Day, Dolores realizes that Duncan does not want to be a ballerina.

Over in the Meadow at the Big Ballet by Lisa Shulman
A nervous little swan, her demanding teacher, and many others work hard to prepare for a ballet recital.

Belinda the Ballerina by Amy Young
When Belinda auditions for the Spring Ballet Recital and the judges tell her she can not be a ballerina because her feet are too big, she tries to forget about dancing.  *Also check out the other ballet books in the Belinda series.