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Trivia Thursday – April 2

Hi Everyone!

Thanks to everyone who tried out the new trivia format. We have word that there will be a prize for the winners at the end of the month! We also wanted to let everyone know who’s in the lead but I forgot to include a spot on the form for everyone’s name last week. So this week I’ll have a spot for your name and email address. Next week I’ll have a ranking of the top three people.

Almost everyone got the correct answer for the list of state capitals. The correct answer is that each of the states in that list are also their state’s largest city. Way to go everyone! It looks like you paid attention in geography class. Why isn’t every state’s largest city just the capital by default? Seems to make the most sense, right?

Onto the second question. Because of the way I formed the question, the correct answer is more specific than teams that haven’t won a super bowl. The list includes only the teams that have played in the super bowl and also have failed to win one. The kings of this infamous group are the Vikings and Bills who have appeared in and lost four super bowls. That’s just tough luck for people who live in Minnesota and Buffalo.

Now on to this week’s trivia question:

What unique distinction do these hip-hop/rap acts share? Notorious BIG, Tupac, NWA, Public Enemy, Beastie Boys, Run DMC, Grandmaster Flash & the Furious 5

What prestigious distinction do the following actors share? Daniel Day Lewis, Spencer Tracy, Jack Nicholson, Marlon Brando, Dustin Hoffman, Gary Cooper, Tom Hanks, Fredric March, Tom Penn

Bonus Vintage trivia:

  1. At what temperature are Fahrenheit and Celsius the same?
  2. In the Seder meal for Passover it is tradition to drink 4 cups of wine but fifth cup is poured for what figure in the Hebrew scripture?
  3. What album’s cover art features the members of the band feeding goats at the San Diego Zoo?