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Trivia Thursday – March 26

Hi Everyone!
It looks like trivia is not suited to a global pandemic. At least the in-person variety isn’t. Which got us to think about how to do trivia in a virtual setting. People go to trivia night for several reasons: Looking smart in front of their friends/family, having a few drinks, eating Fox & Turtle’s famous Itasca Chicken. None of those really translate into reading a trivia question on an email or facebook post. And the big elephant in the room is that fact that someone sitting at home could simply Google the answers. Well, in order to keep the spirit of trivia alive for as long as we can, we’ve come up with two un-google-able questions and some vintage classic trivia questions. Fill out the form below to submit your two answers for the special questions for a chance to win a prize. The other questions are just for fun because they can be easily found on the internet. Good Luck!
What makes this group of NFL teams (and only these teams) infamous?
Vikings, Bills, Bengals, Panthers, Falcons, Chargers, Titans, Cardinals
What distinction do these American capitals share?
Atlanta, Boise, Boston, Charleston, Cheyenne, Columbus, Denver, Des Moines, Honolulu, Indianapolis, Jackson, Little Rock, Nashville, Oklahoma City, Phoenix, Providence, and Salt Lake City
Bonus Vintage Trivia:
  1. What spice was so named because Europeans thought it tasted like a combination of clove, nutmeg, and cinnamon?
  2. Which baseball team is currently experiencing the longest running active World Series championship drought?
  3. What pepper is the dried form of the jalapeño pepper?