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Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel

Recommended by Lisa in Adult Servicesstationeleven

“One snowy night a famous Hollywood actor slumps over and dies onstage during a production of King Lear. Hours later, the world as we know it begins to dissolve. A theater troupe known as the Traveling Symphony roams the wasteland of what remains.  Sometimes terrifying, sometimes tender, Station Eleven tells a story about the relationships that sustain us, the ephemeral nature of fame, and the beauty of the world as we know it”

She says:

Station Eleven is a post-apocalyptic novel; the premise is the world has been decimated by the “Georgia Flu” (as in former Soviet bloc, not the state of Georgia), a fast-moving deadly virus that kills within a couple of days.  Inevitably, things get to the point violence breaks out, as food and necessary rations become scarce or disappear. Years crawl by, then decades, as civilization struggles to make sense of what happened and how to go forward. This sounds like a depressing novel, and in some ways it is. Ultimately, it’s an uplifting story of how resilient mankind can be.