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Barracuda by Christos Tsiolkas

Recommended by Lisa in Adult Servicesbarracuda

Raised by a hairdresser mother and truck driver father in a poor area of Melbourne, Australia, Danny is elevated to an elite world by his Olympic-level swimming talent. His temper, combined with a desire for celebrity, jeopardize both his career and his future. When an act of violence sends him into a spiral, he finds it necessary to re-evaluate everything he’s ever cared about.

She says:

Daniel Kelly is a troubled soul, convinced his worth depends solely on his innate swimming ability. Lurking barely beneath the surface is an insecure and very angry young man, who allows vanity about his perfect body to define him. When his talent is threatened by other talented swimmers he becomes enraged, relying on his fists to prove himself, with tragic consequences. The story moves along quickly, the plot urgent and the characters sympathetic. Ideal for those who enjoy darker fiction.