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At Night We Walk in Circles by Daniel Alarcón

Recommended by Rose in Adult Services:atnightwewalkincircles

Nelson’s life is not turning out the way he hoped. His girlfriend is with another man, his brother has left their South American country and moved to the United States, leaving Nelson to care for their widowed mother, and his acting career can’t seem to get off the ground. That is, until he lands a starring role in a touring revival of The Idiot President, a legendary play by Nelson’s hero, Henry Nunez. And that’s when the real trouble begins.

She says:

This tragically poignant novel is beautifully written, mysterious, and wryly humorous. Daniel’s story and time with theater troupe Diciembre is compelling and frustrating. He constantly seems stuck between two worlds. The revival tour of The Idiot President is just the catalyst for each character to begin his circular journey, ultimately leading each back to events that probably should not be revisited. Alarcón is an exceptional storyteller who holds readers attention throughout this fascinating novel. I recommend it for serious readers with a satirical sense of humor, or anyone looking to experience something new and haunting.