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Shadow Box by George Plimpton

Recommended by Nick in Adult Services: shadow box

George Plimpton, in an act of participatory journalism, challenges light-heavyweight champion Archie Moore to a sparring match. Soon after, Archie Moore is beaten by the young Cassius Clay and Plimpton follows him during some of the most important fights in his career. Anecdotes about other writers like Ernest Hemingway, Norman Mailer, and Hunter Thompson are sprinkled in this account of Muhammad Ali’s triumph over adversity.

He says: 

This is a treat for boxing fans especially fans of Muhammad Ali. Plimpton offers an inside look into the scenes and pageantry that accompanied Ali and his team. The narrative ranges from Ali’s first world championship in his infamous bout with the menacing Sonny Liston all the way through his anticipated match-up against the even more intimidating George Foreman that took place in Africa.