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To Chase a Dream: A soccer championship, an unlikely hero, and a journey that redefined winning by Paul “Whitey” Kapsalis & Ted Gregory

Recommended by Soon Har in Adult Serviceschasedream

1n 1983, on the verge of joining Michigan State as a freshman and soccer player, Paul “Whitey” Kapsalis realized thatmore than anything else, he wanted to play soccer for Indiana University. He enrolled at IU at the last minute and got into one of the country’s top college soccer teams by the skin of his teeth. Whitey’s passion would drive him for the next five years, taking him to many unexpected places, high and low and back again.

She says:

I was surprised by how deeply this book engaged, touched and inspired me – despite not knowing who Whitey was, not caring about college soccer, and not having much interest in athletics in general. Written by Whitey’s cousin, the Chicago Tribune’s Ted Gregory, the writing is well-paced and warmly conveys Whitey’s voice, while the story’s many lessons feel genuine and universal. An entertaining, feel-good read.