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The Snow Queen by Michael Cunningham

Recommended by Lisa in Adult Services

A heartbroken man turns to religion after seeing a vision in the sky above Central Park, while his musician brother takes snowqueendrugs he thinks will help him compose a ballad for his seriously ill wife.

She says:

Michael Cunningham’s The Snow Queen is a riff on Hans Christian Andersen’s classic fairy tale of the same name. Using elements from Andersen, Cunningham sets his story in modern day New York City. Barrett Meeks, walking home through a deserted Central Park, witnesses an unexplained kaleidoscope of lights directly above him. A few months later, his sister in law’s terminal cancer disappears. The book asks the question: Are major life events random, or is some divine force directing it all, via a cosmic force seen only by a few, seemingly random, people? This is a novel about faith and love which, in the end, leaves the reader with more questions about personal beliefs than answers.