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The Astronaut Wives Club by Lil Koppel

Recommended by Jeff in Technical Services:astro

From the original 1959 Mercury Seven program to the final 1972 Apollo flight to the moon, the astronaut wives supported their men and each other while facing publicity and press that they were not accustomed to. This was the first time men would go to space and because their training took them away from their families so much, the women turned to one another for companionship, comfort and often times, consolation.

He says:

I really enjoyed the book The Right Stuff and now this book tells the story from the perspectives of the astronaut wives. When the Mercury program started and the astronauts were announced, the wives had no idea they would be thrust into the limelight, dealing with reporters trying to sneak into their backyards, chasing them through the grocery stores, and setting up cameras in their living rooms to capture their expressions when their husbands finally came back down to Earth.