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Congratulations to the In-Flight Snacks!

Congratulations to the McClellan family, aka In-Flight Snacks, who won the library’s Awesome Adventure Family Scavenger Hunt on July 1.  Eleven teams followed clues throughout Itasca, completing challenges to earn points, and tried to be the first team back to the library with the most challenges completed in the given time frame.  They had to travel far this year, from Peacock Park, to the Park District, to the Nature Center, in order to complete our travel-themed challenges.

All the teams did a great job working together and having fun.  Here is a complete list of the team results:

In-Flight Snacks – 30 points
Dumble Dutch DeValks – 29 points
Trifecta – 28 points
Poblo Seekers – 27 points
Team Lau – 27 points
El Salvador – 27 points
The Williams Family – 25 points
Tripletz – 19 points
Red Steel – 18 points
The Fab 5 – 17 points
The Strawberries – 17 points