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The Only Kayak: a Journey into the Heart of Alaska by Kim Heacox

Recommended by Jeff in Adult Services

Jeff’s synopsis:

Kim Heacox, a guitar playing Beatles fan who carries a well worn copy of the Great Gatsby and wants to be a photographer and writer, finds himself along with his friend Richard in the only kayak in the vast waters off Glacier Bay, Alaska while employed by the National Park Service. Kim shares 25 years of his life as he recounts the friendships made and lost, his marriage and the changes that are inevitable in wanting the share the beauty of a place yet keep it the same.

He says:

This book caught my eye since a friend of mine expressed an interest in kayaking and I thought I’d like to try it myself. I don’t think this book will help as it’s not a how to on to kayaking, but it is a beautiful memoir on the author’s life in a place he finds beautiful and wishes to remain that way. I also like how the author recognizes his own shortcomings as he feels cruise ships may be destroying the land yet finds himself working on one and also wants to publish a coffee table photo book yet recognizes the number of trees that may have to be cut down in order to share images of the land he loves.