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Blood, Bones & Butter by Gabrielle Hamilton

Blood, Bones & Butter by Gabrielle Hamilton

Recommended by Soon Har in Adult Services…

Soon Har’s synopsis:
Chef and owner of a successful restaurant called Prune in New York City, Hamilton is a self-taught cook who is equally passionate about writing. This memoir combines powerful and candid details of an unconventional childhood and unusual life with down-to-earth descriptions of food, cooking, and a way of life where eating and hunger provide many metaphors. From her bohemian parents through her gritty adolescence to a questionable marriage, this is not a typical chef biography filled with beautiful culinary imagery or romantic notions of food. But Hamilton does have an MFA from the University of Michigan, the writing is noteworthy, and the book conveys many stories, not just cooking ones.

She says:
I had never heard of Hamilton or Prune even though I am interested in chefs and restaurants but her life story, with its food connections, sounded interesting — beginning with what seemed like a charmed childhood. Halfway through the book I wasn’t sure I cared about Hamilton anymore, but something about her writing compelled me to read on to see where her life ends up. I was disappointed that she didn’t explore deepr feelings about her relationship with her mother or explain satisfactorily why she stays married … while she had no problem telling all about stealing from an employer to feed a drug habit.