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Stone Arabia by Dana Spiotta

Stone Arabia

Recommended by Jeff in Technical Services…

Jeff’s synopsis:
Nik Worth never quite made it as an artist and musician and is a bartender as he turns 50. He leads the bands the Demonics and the Fakes. He does side projects and solo works such as the 20-CD series: The Ontology of Worth. He even  wrote the Chronicles, which is a series of scrapbooks documenting his life and work. Denise is his younger sister who has a daughter in New York. She struggles with her mother’s onset of dementia, her brother’s lack of responsibility, and her own depressive reactions to news of world events.

He says:
I like the idea of outsider artists that still create their art no matter if they become famous or wealthy from it. Nik even mentions Henry Darger who was a Chicago janitor who was found, after his death, to have written and painted a great deal of work. Nik is this type of character. It seems like Denise, his sister, remains his biggest fan even though she is no longer willing yo loan him money for rent or agree with the way he lives. This is a great book about brother/sister relationships, mother/daughter relationships and the success and failure people find in their families and friendships.