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Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter by Tom Franklin

Paperbark Shoe

Recommended by Colleen in Outreach Services…

Colleen’s synopsis:
In the late 1970s, Larry and Silas were boyhood pals. Larry was the child of lower-middle-class white parents, and Silas, the son of a poor, single black mother. Yet the boys shared a special bond. But then tragedy struck, Larry took a girl on a date and she was never heard from again. She was never found and Larry never confessed, but all eyes rested on him as the culprit. The incident shook the county – and perhaps Silas most of all. Silas left town. More than twenty years later Larry, a mechanic, lives a solitary existence, never able to rise above the whispers of suspicion. Silas returns as a constable. He and Larry have no reason to cross paths until another girl disappears and Larry is blamed again. Now the two men are forced to confront the past.

She says:
This is a very well written suspense book. I found the characters to be engaging and the plot very well paced. I like good mysteries and this is a good mystery.