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Download eBooks and eAudiobooks

My Media Mall allows you to download eBooks and eAudiobooks!  Here’s how:

  1. Search our catalog to see if we have the item you’re looking for.  (Hint: use the “Refine Materials” option on the right-hand side to limit to the desired format).
  2. Once you find the item, click on that record to get details.  Make sure Itasca is listed as owning the item.
  3. Next, click on the link “CLICK HERE for this item – Itasca Cardholders.”  You will be redirected to My Media Mall, our digital materials vendor.
  4. Check the fine print to see if the item is compatible with the device you’re downloading to.
  5. If the material is available, add it to your cart and continue browsing, or proceed to checkout.  (If it’s not available, place a hold to receive an email when it becomes available).
  6. Sign in with your Itasca library card to download the item.

Before downloading an item, you will need the necessary software.  To learn what software you need, or for more detailed instructions on downloading materials, view My Media Mall’s My Help! tutorial.