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Itasca Library’s Snapshot

The library’s a busy place, and appreciated by the community.  This is evidenced by the results we received from Snapshot: One Day in the Life of Your Library.  On April 13, we asked visitors to fill out a survey to collect statistics and comments on library usage – here are the results.  These results provide proof that libraries consistently provide invaluable services to the community.

Below are some of your comments:

Our library is a great place for resources as well as children’s programs. We truly enjoy the drop in story times and the various children’s programs. (Itasca)

The library is an awesome place to go. It’s fun and it makes school a lot easier, with all the homework help books I can checkout. Plus it has really great books! (Roselle)

The library is vital to our family. The kids learn new ideas and concepts through the children’s programs. The staff goes out of their way to accommodate our resource needs and the Interlibrary Loan/Books on Hold program is an essential part of our home school needs. (Itasca)

I cannot think of a place as friendly, safe and educational as the library. Any parent would like to see it prosper and keep up with today’s needs. (Wood Dale)

Awesome beyond words. Everyone is nothing but nice and helpful all the time. Inter-library loans are essential to my work (research, novelist, children’s book author, and freelance comics). I could not do what I do without the help and support of the Itasca library. Thanks as always. (Itasca)

A wonderful place to visit! Very nice, helpful and friendly people. Coffee table is a very nice and generous touch. Always happy to stop by when passing through Itasca. Have found many good books in swap rack and Friends of the Library Permanent Book Sales. (Wheaton)

Great place to surf the internet during my lunch hour.

I love coming here to our library. It’s quiet and very resourceful. Yes you can get a lot of your information on the internet, but let’s remember how it all started. I will continue to support our library. (Itasca)

I heart this library and the staff is wonderful and always helpful and pleasant! (Itasca)

I always liked how the computer systems are set up. One of the best in the state. The employees are always very helpful and very knowledgeable. (Itasca)

Change your web page. I have a problem every time I try to use it. Make it for dummies. (Itasca)

Have always enjoyed and taken advantage of the Itasca Library. Even when it was in a storefront on Center Street. All the materials available are wonderful and the librarians very knowledgeable. (Itasca)

We need more books!!!! (Wood Dale)

We love our library. My 2 year old loves to check out books, games, movies and music. Love the story time! (Itasca)

I love the library! I would not be as well-read if I wasn’t able to come here all the time! (Itasca)

It would be nice if there were more kid’s toys in the kid’s area. (Itasca)

I love the library and the music selection. (Itasca)

Use library weekly, use programs, computer classes and townhouse association holds meetings here. (Itasca)