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Life by Keith Richards with James Fox

Recommended by Jeff in Technical Services…

Jeff’s synopsis:
Keith Richards claims to have lived three lifetimes since he only sleeps twice a week. He’s been the guitarist for the Rolling Stones since the early 60’s as well as more recently being the model for Johnny Depp’s character Cpt. Jack Sparrow for the Pirates of the Caribbean. He shares his story of addiction, brotherhood, separations, reunions, as well as his love of music and insights into his style of playing the guitar.

He says:
This a surprisingly good read since Keith never comes off as he is bragging, he just tells it like he sees it. The life of a rock star may seem glamorous but he gives an insight into the especially grueling early days of touring with rock reviews. I especially enjoy his insights on playing the guitar and how he came up with some of his unique sounds like playing an acoustic guitar through a cassette player and his 5 string open tuning.