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The Swimming Pool by Holly LeCraw

Recommended by Asra in Adult Services

Asra’s synopsis:
A story of adult siblings who are still reeling from the deaths of their mother and father, and the divorced couple whose lives are intertwined with the deaths of said parents.

She says:
Jed and Callie’s parents passed away years ago. Their mother was murdered; their father died of a heart attack shortly thereafter, remaining the prime suspect. One summer, several years later, the two return to the family vacation home on the Cape, each seeking reclusiveness to sort through repressed emotions. As in life, things get worse before they get better when revelations about his father turn Jed’s world upside-down, while Callie’s postpartum depression leads to a flash point. Questions surrounding their mother’s murder remain hidden to them, but parts of the puzzle lie with the acquaintances of Jed and Callie’s parents, Anthony and Marcella.