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Gringos by Charles Portis

Recommended by Jeff in Technical Services…

Jeff’s synopsis:
Jimmy Burns is an expat, ex-Marine, expatriate pre-Columbian antiquities dealer or tomb raider, depending on who you ask, living the simple life in a town called Merida in Mexico. He’s trying to make a peaceful living doing small haul jobs with his Chevy truck until he gets caught up trying to find a young runaway and a friend who has gone missing.

He says:
The best part of this book is getting to know the quirky characters living together in the expatriate community near the Yucatan, as well as their many reasons for being there such as the couple intent on finding evidence of prehistoric space travel or the man who came down to solve his gastrointestinal problem. It makes me long to take a road trip down to Mexico or to live in a little town where you seemingly know everyone and their different traits and eccentricities.