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The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian by Sherman Alexie

Recommended by Tuki in Adult Services…

Tuki’s synopsis:
This is a Young Adult book that tells the story of one boy’s experience living in an Indian Reservation in Spokane, Washington. Junior sees what his future is going to be if he stays in his reservation and he wants something different for himself.  He realizes that in order for him to better himself he will need to travel to an all-white school 22 miles across town. His decision causes him to be ostracized by both his own reservation people and his adopted school until he works hard and proves himself to both sides.

She says:
We’ve all heard the social problems prevalent in Indian Reservations, the gambling, the drinking, and the depression. This story brings all those issues to life in a touching story. This book could have been a downer but the author very skillfully alleviates the heaviness of the issues by interspersing drawings and lightening the tone of the novel.  It is uplifting to read about a character who takes personal responsibility in the face of overwhelming obstacles to improve his life and future.