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The 13th Hour: A Thriller by Richard Doetsch

Recommended by Colleen in Outreach Services…

Colleen’s synopsis:
This is the story of a man who is given the power to change the past and possibly stop his wife’s murder by going back in time one hour at a time for twelve hours.

She says:
I really enjoyed this book. It is a science fiction thriller but don’t let that stop you from reading it! A man accused of murdering his wife is given a gold watch that will allow him to relive the past – one hour at a time until he has gone back to the start of the day. It was interesting to see how his actions affected other characters in the book and how he was able to correct his mistakes and influence other people as he keeps going back through one day. There were some changes that were so obvious I could not believe the hero didn’t figure them out — then at the end I had to admit I didn’t have it all figured out either!