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Bloodroot by Amy Greene

Recommended by Asra in Adult Services…

Her synopsis:
Spanning generations, the novel is narrated by a series of characters bound by family ties. The beautiful, but elusive, Myra Lamb is the pivot around which the other characters orbit. Orphaned at a young age, she is raised by her grandmother, Birdie on the secluded Bloodroot Mountain. Myra has inherited “the touch,” i.e. a supernatural gift, which manifests in her ability to draw others in. As with her ancestors, however, Myra’s gift proves more a burden than benefit to her, as well as those whom she loves.

She says:
This is an unusual novel in its storytelling. Non-linear, it moves through the narratives of numerous characters, some of who are only loosely tied to Myra. And while Myra attracts others to herself, her attraction to Bloodroot Mountain and its precious scenery creates mystery that piques a reader’s interest. The questions surrounding her “touch” never seem fully resolved; however, the novel’s denouement with respect to the last generation of characters most certainly satisfies.