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April & Oliver by Tess Callahan

Recommended by Asra in Adult Services…
After years of separation, a death in the family brings childhood companions April and Oliver back together again. Tension ensues right away, as April returns to an abusive relationship following the funeral. As a result, a newly-engaged Oliver finds himself slipping into the role of protector. Unable to bury memories from the past, neither April nor Oliver (more so he) can help but orbit the other.

She says:
Love stories can be formulaic, but this novel is unique in that there is no build-up towards a “falling-in-love” phase. Instead, you are immediately thrust into an intriguing story-line that follows April and Oliver, whose shared history (presented through memories) draws them towards one another. But that same shared history is what separates the two, as past traumas continue to be swept under the rug, stifling any chance of normalcy between them. To the reader, the outcome of their story is obvious, but the journey towards that outcome is what compels you to read on.