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Yours Until Dawn by Teresa Medeiros

Recommended by Tuki in Adult Services…

Tuki’s synopsis:
This is for Historical Romance readers, heavier on the romance than on the historical appeal. This book tells the story of Cecelia , who falls in love with Gabriel Fairchild, a son of a nobleman. Gabriel joins the Royal Navy to prove his love and commitment to Cecelia, going to the extent of not using his social status to occupy a position of rank in the army but fighting on the front lines. He returns from battle a hero but at the cost of having lost his eye sight. Upon his return Cecelia goes to visit him at the hospital but runs away at the sight of her lover. Gabriel is under the impression her reaction is because she is repulsed at his transformation. The real reason Cecelia runs away is because of the guilt she feels in having put Gabriel through the ordeal. To assuage her guilt she disguises herself and takes the position of a nurse to take care of Gabriel’s needs. Gabriel never suspects anything and falls in love with Cecelia for the second time.

She says:
If you are a fan of romance novels this is a pleasurable read with an interesting twist at the end.