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The Hotel Riviera by Elizabeth Adler

Recommended by Tuki in Adult Services…

Tuki’s synopsis:
Lola Laforet is the owner of a small intimate hotel in the Cote de Azur. She very much enjoys the work she does and treats each of her guests with the upmost care and attention. The picture would be a perfect one were it not for a dark black cloud hanging over Lola’s head. Her husband, Patrick of 6 years has mysteriously disappeared and the police think she may be responsible. With the help of Jack, a casual visitor who happens to drop anchor in Lola’s harbor they try to find reasons that would explain Patrick’s whereabouts. But there are many people who could potentially be held responsible for his disappearance.  Patrick loved the good life and had a string of women who vied for his attention.

She says:
I loved the setting of this story, the idyllic Cote de Azur in the South of France. The description of the food and the hospitality extended by Lola to her guests transported me and very much made me feel like I was right there languishing the beauty of the Mediterranean scenery. A delightful easy read with more romance than suspense even though its pegged as a “romantic suspense”.