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Evening’s Empire by Bill Flanagan

Recommended by Jeff in Technical Services..

Jeff’s synopsis:
From the swinging 60’s in London, laid back California 70’s, hard edge New York 80’s, and from Live-Aid to Live 8, Jack Flynn manages the band and solo careers of the Ravons. He begins as a lawyer to sort out a divorce for the band’s front man Emerson Cutler and stays with them through the up and downs, ins and outs, busts and breakups of a 40 year ride through the music industry.

He says:
Besides being a great story of a lawyer who ends up managing a rock band, this is a great fictional history of the music industry from the late 60’s until the present. This book hits all the highs and lows starting with the British invasion to the huge benefit concerts, the obscurity to the comebacks, from Top of the Pops to MTV, and from changing formats such as albums and CD’s to digital downloads. We can only wonder where the music will take us from here.