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The Weight of Heaven by Thrity Umrigar

weightRecommended by Tuki in Adult Services..

Tuki’s synopsis:
This is a story about a young couple from Michigan who are trying to get over the death of their young seven-year old child by making a move to India.  In India, Frank works for an American company that manufactures a diabetes medication using the leaves of local trees. But he faces much resistance from the locals as they feel they are being robbed of their natural resource.   The only joy to his day is the time he spends with a young boy, Ramesh.  He becomes so attached to this boy that he wishes the boy could be his…read on to discover how he deals with his dilemma.

She says:
I loved this book, the author, Thrify Umrigar is a fabulous story-teller who is skillful in developing her characters so you can relate to them and understand what they are experiencing.  The issues she weaves into her story are serious: death, globalization, and loss, but she is so talented in her writing that you will be left pondering the novel days after you’ve finished the book.