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Love and Summer by William Trevor

Love and SummerRecommended by Asra in Adult Services…

Her Synopsis:
Miss Connulty is reminded of the painful events that led her to solitude when she witnesses Ellie Dillahan become entangled with Florian Kilderry. An orphan, Ellie was raised in a convent and went on to become employed by Dillahan, a widowed farmer. Despite the absence of affection towards him, Ellie agrees to marry Dillahan when he suggests the idea, seeing marriage as a natural progression in her life. She knows him to be a good and virtuous man that will care for her. But when Florian, an aimless bachelor suddenly appears and shows an interest in Ellie, she discovers for the first time in her life what it means to wish for something. All the while, Miss Connulty keeps a careful eye on Ellie as events unfold, vowing to support her through any trouble that may result.

She says:
Slow in pace, but rich in detail and description. A literary-style novel that will appeal to readers who have enjoyed the many stories penned by William Trevor.