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Murder in the Bastille by Cara Black

Murder in the BastilleRecommended by Nancy in Readers Services…

Nancy’s synopsis:
Private investigator, Aimee Leduc is all dressed up in her new Chinese silk jacket, an “exclusive,” for dinner with a difficult client at an elegant restaurant in the Bastille district. She is chagrined to see that the woman seated at the very next table is wearing an identical jacket.  When Aimee tries to return the cell phone the woman left behind, she is brutally attacked and left blind. Her attempts to solve the mystery behind her attack brings Aimee into contact with Eastern European thugs, unscrupulous developers, and assorted other villains living in the changing Bastille neighborhood.

She says…
If you are a mystery fan or just love Paris, this gritty series is for you. Each novel in the Aimee Leduc series is set in a different arrondissement of Paris.