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First Light by Charles Baxter

firstlightRecommended by Jeff in Technical Services…

Jeff’s synopsis:
Dorsy, her son Noah, and her husband Simon (who doesn’t like to use maps) are driving from Buffalo, New York to visit Dorsy’s brother Hugh, who lives with his family in their parent’s old house in Five Oaks, Michigan. Dorsy moved to California and became a successful astrophysicist while Hugh remained in the same town his whole life and became a car salesman.

He says:
Charles Baxter goes back in time with each chapter of this novel to show how very different the lives of siblings Hugh and Dorsy can be…from their reunion on the Fourth of July to pick up fireworks from a woman who has known them since they were children, all the way back to when Hugh’s father tells him that he has a sister now and that he will have to love and take care of her.