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Facade and Roof Repair Construction

The Itasca Community Library once again would like to thank the Itasca Residents for approving the library referendum on February 5, 2008. With the new funds the library will be able to replace and repair the existing building exterior wall cladding, windows, rooftop HVAC units and sections of roof due to extensive water damage and subsequent mold growth.  The construction project is due to start in August of 2008. Below is a summary of what the project will include:

  • All the existing DFS (direct-applied finish system) will be removed; including the exterior sheathing with its cement board.
  • All windows will be removed.
  • When exterior sheathing is removed, the fiberglass insulation in the walls from the outside will be removed and inspected for mold. Any mold found by the mold consultant will be removed.
  • New insulation will be put back on building.
  • New moisture resistant sheathing will be installed.
  • A layer of rigid moisture resistant insulation will be installed over the sheathing and between new wood nailers.
  • A new layer of air barrier/weather-resistive barrier will be installed.
  • All window openings will be flashed and receive a pan flashing.
  • Along the lower part of the building, a new brick accent strip will be installed. There will be a limestone sill over the brick.
  • A new drainage type conventional stucco system will be installed. This new system will be installed over a 3/4 inch wide drainage cavity formed by furring strips. The stucco will be a three-coat system measuring approximately 7/8 inch thick.
  • The stucco will receive a color coat which will be an elastomeric coating.
  • New windows will be installed.
  • All outside doors and steel trusses will be repainted.
  • New gutters and downspouts will be installed.

The roofing repairs include repairing roof damage, removing mold growth and replacing HVAC units. Along with this the library will be installing a new roof-top screen that will hide roof-top HVAC units.

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