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After You’ve Gone by Jeffrey Lent

after1Recommended by Asra in Adult Services…

Asra’s Synopsis:
“Literary-style” novel whose narrative shifts between time periods. Henry Dorn is a professor that suffers a great loss. The experience causes him to seek a renewed sense of self, setting him forth on a journey towards his ancestral home.  Along the journey Henry meets Lydia Pearce, an unusual younger woman. The two begin a relationship that progresses slowly, but surely. Their acquaintance causes Henry to reevaluate love and loss, and what meaning he may find in the days to come.

She says:
I liked “After You’ve Gone,” but preferred Lent’s previous novel “A Peculiar Grace.” This mainly had to with the surprise ending of this novel, which I think readers will either view as fateful, or without closure. I fell into the latter category, which isn’t to say that the book wasn’t good. It just left me wanting more.