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The Hour I First Believed by Wally Lamb

hourRecommended by Jackie in Youth Services…

Jackie’s synopsis:
After huddling in a cabinet in the Columbine High School library and expecting to be killed, Caelum Quirk’s wife, Maureen, is a traumatized survivor of the infamous 1999 shootings. The pair flee to his family’s Connecticut farm in hopes of finding some kind of peace and sanity, but they find it is much harder to let go of the experience than they thought it would be.

She says:
After really liking Wally Lamb’s first two novels, I was expecting to love this one too. I did like parts of it — the writing is wonderful, and I liked how Lamb combined the actual people and facts of Columbine with his fictional characters. By the end of 740-some pages, however, I was a bit overwhelmed by all of Caelum’s family history and the sadness of his situation. It was still a good book, though, it just could have been about 200 pages shorter.