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The Preservationist by David Maine

preservationistRecommended by Jeff in Technical Services…

Jeff’s synopsis:
We all know the Bible’s Old Testament story of Noah’s Ark. David Maine makes us look at the story of The Flood with attention to details not in the original version. The author tells the story not only through Noah’s eyes, but his wife’s, sons’ and daughters-in-law’s perspective. Each plays a part in constructing the Ark, gathering the animals and keeping faith.

He says:
I always enjoyed the story of Noah’s Ark and gathering the animals, but I never questioned or thought of what living on a boat with hundreds of animals might be like. With David Maine’s version of the story, I think it would be very smelly and filthy. I really enjoyed the details of what it may have been like to live on the ark, cleaning up after the animals, trying to fend off the boredom, all the while trying not to become like the animals themselves.