Tales for Very Picky Eaters by Josh Schneider

In stories spotlighting disgusting broccoli, smelly lasagna, repulsive milk, lumpy oatmeal, and slimy eggs, this hilarious chapter book details mealtime standoffs between a young boy, James, and his dad. The mixed-media cartoon illustrations extend the humor and drama in scenes of James, who is furious as Dad offers wry alternatives to the food James refuses: We have this very sweaty sock, soaked in sweat sweated by the world’s fastest and tastiest runner. As the stories progress, Dad’s fantasies get wilder: a troll, who lives in the basement and wears a Kiss the Cook apron, has whipped up the mushroom lasagna; the carton of eggs in the refrigerator are actually dinosaur eggs.  This is a fun book for anyone who’s ever refused to eat their veggies!

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